How to Host a Twitch Channel

Twitch is all about community and no one reaches the top alone. Hosting another channel allows you to show their broadcast on your own channel. You can host a similar streamer or even a big tournament and still chat with your own viewers. The viewers on your channel will count towards the hosted channels total viewer count. This is a great way to network and introduce your viewers to broadcasters you enjoy!

The first thing to do is login and navigate to your Dashboard.


Next, we’ll be typing in the host command followed by the channel name that you wish to host. The host command is simply “host/ username“. I’ll be hosting my personal channel FortyHour.




Send the command and you’ll see a red message.



Congratulations! You’re now sharing the love and hosting a fellow broadcaster! You’ll see something similar to this when you view your own channel now:



The steps to unhost a channel are just as easy. Simply use the unhost command “/unhost” in your chat. There is no need for a specific username this time.




There’s no red message here. Instead, you’ll just get a confirmation text in chat.




Now, it’s easy to host another channel. Getting someone to host yours? Well, you’ll have to make connections or put on a great show worth hosting. Get out there, get streaming, and make your dreams come true!

How to Choose a Twitch Broadcast Title

You do everything you can to get viewers in your channel as a broadcaster. Well, choosing the right Twitch broadcast title can help you get the right viewers.


Most titles fall into one of three categories.



-Titles like this let the viewer know exactly what to expect. These are the standard seen throughout Twitch. They let your viewer know things like what game you’re playing, what the difficulty is, and if it’s your first playthrough. 



Persona 4 (PS2) First playthrough

Final Fantasy V Any% Race

Subscriber Q & A


Completely Unrelated

-These are titles that have nothing to do with you, your game, or your stream. Current events, jokes, memes, or collections of symbols are common here. People watch Twitch to be entertained, so something funny is a great way to get them in. You’ll see that a lot of larger broadcasters do this when you browse channels on Twitch as well!



Deez nutz for president


[EN/RU] ☚(゚ヮ゚☚)



-The goal of any title is to bring in viewers. So, I’m referring to intentional misdirection or lying

when I say clickbait. Advertising specific games or giveaways can fall under this if you don’t actually do them


Your broadcast title ultimately depends on who you’re trying to reach. Misleading titles may help get viewers, but they might not actually be interested in your stream and bounce right away. You want to connect with the right viewers regardless of your title. Find out what works and keep doing it!


You can test these out by monitoring how many viewers or chatters show up with each title.



Twitch Panel Template Guide

A great profile is simple to navigate and looks good. Your profile can help you stand out from the crowd and is where viewers can find your schedule, social media, or donation links. Make the most out of your profile. These Twitch panel images will help you neatly organize your profile!

Step One

Find an image you want to use. I was looking for a simple patterned or colored wallpaper. I found my image by searching “pattern wallpaper” on Google.



Step Two

Find the section of the image that you enjoy most. Panels have a width of 320px and a height of 300px. (Twitch recommendations for panels) We will be making ours 320px by 110px. You can definitely make it taller or shorter depending on your pattern or image.



Select a 320x by 110px rectangle. Finding the right spot will be more difficult on complex images, but it’s easy to keep selecting different regions.




Crop your section and save. You now have a Twitch panel template that you can use to add text and create your headers.



Step Three

Add text.  You can create professional and uniform looking headers by using the same size and font,



You can also utilize Markdown in your Twitch panels. Markdown is a very simple coding language. It allows you to create various headers and lists. This means that you to have an image and then organize your text below. You might like how this looks even more, and it will not take long to try out. Make your Twitch panel uniquely yours.

Ten Basic Twitch Profile Panels



Looking to improve your Twitch profile? Tired of the same viewer questions? Here are ten panels that will help. You can share a lot in your Twitch profile. These panels will let you tell about yourself, when they can catch you live, and where they can follow you online. Make your channel stand out!


About Me

-Who are you?

-Why do you stream?

-What do you play?


Chat Information

-Chat rules


-Bot commands


Computer Specs

-List or pictures showing off your rig


Donations and Referral Links

-Link to your donation portals

-Showcase donation incentives and goals

-List of your past donations

-Amazon wish lists or other referral links



-Common viewer questions



-When do you stream and what do you play?


Social Media

-Link to your social media accounts

Twitter, Facebook, or other accounts



-What games do you run?

-Personal and world records

-Explain the game mechanics or glitches


Streaming Gear

-Show your streaming setup

-Share what equipment you use


Subscriber Benefits

-Showcase the perks of subscribing

Any of these topics can be made into one or more panels. Put your own spin on what you make! You can definitely show this in a way that fits your style and will grab your viewers attention.

Twitch Bio Template

This Twitch bio template lets you build a short biography quickly and painlessly. You’ll give the viewer all the information they need in just four lines. Viewers see this anytime they visit your Twitch profile.


1.Who are you? (if different from your username)

“I’m Bosscaster!”

2.What do you do?

What games do you play?
Professional gamer?
Full time streamer?

“I’m the website that helps Twitch broadcasters.”

3.What is your goal? (your streaming goal)

To have fun!
Talk about games!
Chat with viewers!
To be the best at X

“I want you to be successful!”

4.Call to action

Follow my channel!
Come and chat!
Join the fun!
Watch me break records!

“Follow me for more!”

It looks like this when we put it all together:

“I’m Bosscaster. I’m the website that helps Twitch broadcasters. I want you to be successful! Follow me for more!”

This Twitch bio lets your viewer know who you are, what you play, what you want, and urges them to join in. These four points get this across quickly and effectively.

For more information on what you can do with your Twitch profile, see the Twitch Support Center article Welcome to Your Profile Page!