Collaboration on Twitch: Great Viewers and Viewers

Alright stop. Collaborate and listen.

With that out of the way, let’s get serious.  No one reaches the top without the help and support of other people. You may be the one who initiates or encourages these two things, but you still ultimately need them. Everyone can acknowledge that viewers are important to being successful on Twitch.  They are. However, we often get lost in the “quest for viewers” and ignore the “quest for great viewers.”

Great viewers?

Can one viewer really matter more than another? You bet your FrankerZ they can. Great viewers help carry your personal brand, they interact on Twitch and off, and they spread the gospel everywhere they can. On the other hand, there are viewers that come in, watch, and leave. One great viewer is worth MANY MANY of these viewers. It will take a huge amount of normal viewers to boost your channel up the ranks and in turn get more viewers. It just takes one great viewer to create better chat interaction, spread your channel on other mediums (like Twitter), and overall make you PUMPED to stream more (this makes you more entertaining. this is important.).

How do I get them?

Collaborate with your peers! Join communities for Twitch, for games you stream, for games you enjoy, and for any other reason you can find. Engage with them and make friends! The age old adage of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is true on Twitch just like any other field. These friends can support you on your journey just like how you can support them. Your motives have to be true in doing this. If you don’t give back, very few people will give to you. I strongly believe that succeeding on Twitch requires a lot of effort outside of Twitch. Reach out to your favorite broadcasters, developers, or artists and you might be surprised who responds back. If they don’t, keep pushing forward and you’ll reach their level sooner than you think.

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