Five Reasons to Have Twitch Profile Panels

You have limited tools on Twitch to connect with viewers outside of your broadcasts. Twitch profile panels are an amazing tool for personalizing your channel. A great profile with great panels will let you do these five things:


1. Share information. Schedules, chat rules, even just talk about yourself. Viewers want to get to know you on some level and feel connected. Tell then when you’re live or tell them your life story.

2. Get followers. Live or not. Your profile panels are static and remain available  both online and off. Use them to show what you’re all about! An awesome profile can get viewers to follow you even if you’re not live.

3. Kill it on Social media. This is a great way to funnel viewers to other platforms. You can encourage them to engage with you and build stronger relationships as a result.

4. Shamelessly promote referral links. Post up your Amazon links or promote your favorite companies. Pimpin ain’t easy and streamin ain’t easy. Referrals are a great way to let viewers support you by purchasing things for themselves.

5. GET DONATIONS. Like them or not, these can be the lifeblood of full time streamers. Your panel is the easiest place to put donation information and links. Many viewers are turned off by frequent donation pandering on stream. So, plop a nice looking link and leave out the sob story.



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