Four Ways to Make Money on Twitch


How can I make money on Twitch? These four ways might turn your passion into something more! Learn about partnerships, donations, referrals, and YouTube.

Twitch Partnership

Partners on Twitch earn a share of all channel revenue and receive other perks. These perks can help you gain more viewers through exclusive features and preferential treatment. It may be difficult to reach the partnership requirements, but it will pay off when you do.


-Become a Twitch Partner


-Apply through Twitch (More info can be found at )

-Average viewership of 500+
-Broadcast at least three times a week


-Earn a share of all channel revenue
-Earn money from advertisements and subscribers
-Receive money 45 days after the current month ends


Donations have become synonymous with streaming on Twitch. The stream itself should be about more than pandering to donations, but it’s difficult to deny the allure of free money.


-Viewers send you money


-Link to a donation service in your Twitch profile


Support The Stream


-Receive money instantly
-After your service takes their cut, you get the remaining amount

Referral Links

Referrals let the viewer support the broadcaster without really donating. You get money when viewers make purchases from your links. Most of these programs are free to use as well.


-Provide links to various online retailers and services
-You receive a percentage if a purchase is made


-Sign up for a referral program
-Place their links in your Twitch profile


-Earn a commission fee based on sales or trials


-Amazon Affiliates
-Up to 10% commission
-BestBuy Affiliate Program
-Up to 6% commission

-Most programs pay monthly


YouTube is a great place to recycle and repurpose your Twitch recordings. Your goal should be to send viewers to your Twitch channel, but it can become a useful tool for gaining revenue while offline.


-Putting content on YouTube and getting ad revenue


-Organize your Twitch content into YouTube friendly videos
-Let’s plays, highlights, glitches, etc.
-Upload these to YouTube and monetize your videos


-Earn revenue for advertisements watched or clicked
-Get paid monthly

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