How to Host a Twitch Channel

Twitch is all about community and no one reaches the top alone. Hosting another channel allows you to show their broadcast on your own channel. You can host a similar streamer or even a big tournament and still chat with your own viewers. The viewers on your channel will count towards the hosted channels total viewer count. This is a great way to network and introduce your viewers to broadcasters you enjoy!

The first thing to do is login and navigate to your Dashboard.


Next, we’ll be typing in the host command followed by the channel name that you wish to host. The host command is simply “host/ username“. I’ll be hosting my personal channel FortyHour.




Send the command and you’ll see a red message.



Congratulations! You’re now sharing the love and hosting a fellow broadcaster! You’ll see something similar to this when you view your own channel now:



The steps to unhost a channel are just as easy. Simply use the unhost command “/unhost” in your chat. There is no need for a specific username this time.




There’s no red message here. Instead, you’ll just get a confirmation text in chat.




Now, it’s easy to host another channel. Getting someone to host yours? Well, you’ll have to make connections or put on a great show worth hosting. Get out there, get streaming, and make your dreams come true!

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