How to Choose a Twitch Broadcast Title

You do everything you can to get viewers in your channel as a broadcaster. Well, choosing the right Twitch broadcast title can help you get the right viewers.


Most titles fall into one of three categories.



-Titles like this let the viewer know exactly what to expect. These are the standard seen throughout Twitch. They let your viewer know things like what game you’re playing, what the difficulty is, and if it’s your first playthrough. 



Persona 4 (PS2) First playthrough

Final Fantasy V Any% Race

Subscriber Q & A


Completely Unrelated

-These are titles that have nothing to do with you, your game, or your stream. Current events, jokes, memes, or collections of symbols are common here. People watch Twitch to be entertained, so something funny is a great way to get them in. You’ll see that a lot of larger broadcasters do this when you browse channels on Twitch as well!



Deez nutz for president


[EN/RU] ☚(゚ヮ゚☚)



-The goal of any title is to bring in viewers. So, I’m referring to intentional misdirection or lying

when I say clickbait. Advertising specific games or giveaways can fall under this if you don’t actually do them


Your broadcast title ultimately depends on who you’re trying to reach. Misleading titles may help get viewers, but they might not actually be interested in your stream and bounce right away. You want to connect with the right viewers regardless of your title. Find out what works and keep doing it!


You can test these out by monitoring how many viewers or chatters show up with each title.



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