How to Watch Random Channels

We were shocked to discover that many of you don’t know the random channel button exists. One viewer even said “I wish there was a way I could find random channels. Like a button or something”. As far as we know, such a button has existed on Twitch since the beginning. Right HERE.


View the directory by Channel. Under “Channels” press the Random button!


It’s not “Featured” and it really doesn’t  stand out. However, this powerful little button can take you to the far reaches of Twitch. You’ll be greeted by endless channels that would take years to find by viewer count. The Button of a Thousand Truths will show you what Twitch is like beyond the front page. You can check out obscure games or even hop into a stream with no viewers. The possibilities to be entertained are endless.




I want you to be brave and take a step beyond. Leave the comfort of your favorite stream. You might not come back for more, but you’re sure to be entertained!



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