Ten Basic Twitch Profile Panels



Looking to improve your Twitch profile? Tired of the same viewer questions? Here are ten panels that will help. You can share a lot in your Twitch profile. These panels will let you tell about yourself, when they can catch you live, and where they can follow you online. Make your channel stand out!


About Me

-Who are you?

-Why do you stream?

-What do you play?


Chat Information

-Chat rules


-Bot commands


Computer Specs

-List or pictures showing off your rig


Donations and Referral Links

-Link to your donation portals

-Showcase donation incentives and goals

-List of your past donations

-Amazon wish lists or other referral links



-Common viewer questions



-When do you stream and what do you play?


Social Media

-Link to your social media accounts

Twitter, Facebook, or other accounts



-What games do you run?

-Personal and world records

-Explain the game mechanics or glitches


Streaming Gear

-Show your streaming setup

-Share what equipment you use


Subscriber Benefits

-Showcase the perks of subscribing

Any of these topics can be made into one or more panels. Put your own spin on what you make! You can definitely show this in a way that fits your style and will grab your viewers attention.

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