Testing Your Security on Twitch

Too often we hear about the negative side to streaming. Things like harassment and swatting gain attention even outside of the gaming world. Keeping safe and secure on Twitch requires effort, but it can offer peace of mind. One way to ensure your security is to test it yourself!



Keeping Safe

Without going in too deep, here are a two ways to keep yourself secure.


-Create dedicated accounts for use on Twitch

Email, PayPal, Twitter, and other services should be kept away from your personal ones. This is an easy step towards securing yourself because most of these things are free to create.

-Keep personal details personal

Things we put online are almost never really gone. Be mindful of what you reveal when broadcasting or using social media. Don’t share it if you don’t want others to know. This can be difficult when broadcasting live!



Testing Your Security

One way to test your safety and protect your information online is to try and find it yourself. Think of this as a routine checkup.

– Search for your information

Approach this like digging through Wikipedia. Start with one Username or clue, and try to trace it back to yourself. This is a great way to see what others can find about you. You’ll want to search for usernames and accounts associated with your Twitch. This also includes forum handles, PayPal, and Skype.

*If you connect your Steam account to Twitch, your Steam ID will be visible within the Twitch API*

Here is what Twitch states when you link your Steam Account if you’re curious:

“By connecting your Steam account, you acknowledge and agree that your Steam ID will be publicly visible in the Twitch API and that Steam will automatically receive information about the Steam content you view while your accounts are connected. If you do not want this information shared, please disconnect your accounts.”

-Consider a change if you are finding things that you don’t want others to find.

This isn’t fun, but if you want more privacy you might have to do it. Creating completely separate accounts can provide more separation between your streaming and personal life.



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