The Twitch Broadcaster Fallacy

We talked to nearly one hundred broadcasters this past summer. One idea constantly crept in when talking about becoming a successful streamer. We’ve dubbed it “The Broadcaster Fallacy.”


Broadcasting Setup

What is The Broadcaster Fallacy?

  • You will get viewers if you stream.
  • You get more viewers if you stream more.

Many of the people we talked to strongly believe that success is a direct result of time spent streaming. If you continue to stream you will eventually hit it big. Don’t get the wrong idea. I think tenacity and persistence are key components of success. However, explosive potential is nothing without direction.

You can say this about any profession, sport, or hobby.  Doing something over and over will not necessarily make you good at it. You need to do more than “just play basketball” to become a basketball star. The same applies to business and certainly to streaming. You have to keep doing the right things and stop doing the wrong things as quickly as possible. You have to stay on your toes and adapt. Play to your strengths and don’t just emulate popular broadcasters.

This is an incredibly important topic for broadcasters and you’ll be seeing more about it on here.

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