Twitch Bio Template

This Twitch bio template lets you build a short biography quickly and painlessly. You’ll give the viewer all the information they need in just four lines. Viewers see this anytime they visit your Twitch profile.


1.Who are you? (if different from your username)

“I’m Bosscaster!”

2.What do you do?

What games do you play?
Professional gamer?
Full time streamer?

“I’m the website that helps Twitch broadcasters.”

3.What is your goal? (your streaming goal)

To have fun!
Talk about games!
Chat with viewers!
To be the best at X

“I want you to be successful!”

4.Call to action

Follow my channel!
Come and chat!
Join the fun!
Watch me break records!

“Follow me for more!”

It looks like this when we put it all together:

“I’m Bosscaster. I’m the website that helps Twitch broadcasters. I want you to be successful! Follow me for more!”

This Twitch bio lets your viewer know who you are, what you play, what you want, and urges them to join in. These four points get this across quickly and effectively.

For more information on what you can do with your Twitch profile, see the Twitch Support Center article Welcome to Your Profile Page!

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