Twitch Panel Template Guide

A great profile is simple to navigate and looks good. Your profile can help you stand out from the crowd and is where viewers can find your schedule, social media, or donation links. Make the most out of your profile. These Twitch panel images will help you neatly organize your profile!

Step One

Find an image you want to use. I was looking for a simple patterned or colored wallpaper. I found my image by searching “pattern wallpaper” on Google.



Step Two

Find the section of the image that you enjoy most. Panels have a width of 320px and a height of 300px. (Twitch recommendations for panels) We will be making ours 320px by 110px. You can definitely make it taller or shorter depending on your pattern or image.



Select a 320x by 110px rectangle. Finding the right spot will be more difficult on complex images, but it’s easy to keep selecting different regions.




Crop your section and save. You now have a Twitch panel template that you can use to add text and create your headers.



Step Three

Add text.  You can create professional and uniform looking headers by using the same size and font,



You can also utilize Markdown in your Twitch panels. Markdown is a very simple coding language. It allows you to create various headers and lists. This means that you to have an image and then organize your text below. You might like how this looks even more, and it will not take long to try out. Make your Twitch panel uniquely yours.

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